Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ruwon's Warbird - Star Trek CCG

This blog, like so many others I have written, is fairly unintelligible to those unfamiliar with my topic.

Ruwon finally is given his Warbird, the Kilhra. Well, almost to my satisfaction, anyway. Although I want to see a 1E version of the ship, it still excites me. You see, Ruwon was given short-shrift during the original game, and that never sat well with me. I hardly remember his appearance in the episode, but I do recall his unnammed Warbird and the threat it imposed. You see, in the original ST:CCG to be a 'matching commander' made a card especially useful and desireable. The name Kilhra is not canon, but that isn't a problem, but I do wonder where it originates. An internet search is unrevealing.


As you all know (ha ha), the Star Trek Customizable Card Game was lively mostly in the 90s, and was dead by the mid-Ohs. It began with Star Trek: The Next Generation only, but eventually expanding to include most canon, both series and movies. Decipher, Inc., the designers, tried to revitalize it with a "Second Edition" but that died, too. Like many CCGs (Customizable Card Games) it had fatal flaws. But unlike the long-lived Pokemon and Magic, it could not survive them. Biggest of all, these types of games are a endlessly awful money-pit. Almost as fatal, beginning players had a hard time getting on equal footing with established players, not only in experience and strategy, but also in the aquisition of rare or desirable cards. One reason it died while other other games lived, is that the Star Trek franchise itself went into decline, and especially its older series became less well-known. Nondescript medieval swords and sorcery adventures never seem to go out of style, is seems.

After the game physically "died", it began a virtual life, via the Continuing Committee. Now, I don't know many specifics about them, but they seem cool. And a great resource for anyone still interested in the original (1E or 2E) game.

Unlike my own 2-Player "repurposing" of the game, players using the virtual expansions from the Continuing Committee could play online, or with printed copies.

Hey, lookie here, the Continuing Committee has blogs:

Also, some personal favorite Romulans:
Rhliailu vs Devoras

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