Thursday, June 24, 2010

"transwarp" ST:CCG playable-out-of-the-box

A pic of my "transwarp" playtesting:

Something that makes my "transwarp" idea distinct is that it makes a very clear effort to streamline play and abbreviate the deck size.
Currently, my 3-part "transwarp" game fits into the classic Official Tournament Sealed Deck (OTSD) box, which would probably hold a baseball (sans the sphereical shape).
In three ziploc baggies, I put the about 150 cards (in card sleeves) seperated into 3 decks, two for players and one seed.

There are other people who have developed "home brew" deck designs and rules adjustments. In fact, one website The Continuing Committee ( has put out what is termed the Official Tournament Format, or OTF. I applaud their efforts. Clearly, part of their goal is to retain the original style of gameplay in the original game, which involves players who are committed to understanding and collecting the game. Yes, in my abbreviated version I sacrifice AU and TOS personnal, I sacrifice the fun and strategy of dilemma combos, I sacrifice the role-playing-feeling from commanding all those different affiliations.

Since I last posted, I have revised my "house rules" to be a bit more updated, including various clarifications. More is needed, and is a matter of me finding time. I of course realize I don't have crowds holding their breathe. I'm just putting my thoughts in order, here.

Once I have my "house rules" revised up to my standards, it'd be fun to ask two (non-Trek) gamers to go ahead and give the game a whirl, and see if the directions explain enough for a good game.

My friend Tobin has given me some new ideas. Specifically, he realized that Temporal Rift could play on an dilemma-ship, and thus be a way to escape that particular obstacle. Also, I have since looked at Asteroid Sanctuary and Magnetic North as possible inclusions in my decks for the same reasons.

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