Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Internet Has Failed Me...

I've been searching for an image from James Careron's Avatar for parts of yesterday and today, and to be honest far too much time wasted.

I really enjoyed the movie, but my interests are on top of that. There is one shot in particular with one of the best...features I've seen in a movie, animated or otherwise. Bravo to movie's digital artists for creating such a life-like animation! It was of a female's perfectly contoured athletic Na'vi buttocks, to put it politely. It was when Jakesully was sent to capture a banshee-dragon. She was stalking the creatures, lying on her stomach, watching them before the dragons saw the party. She was an unnamed character, as far as I know. The image I attached will give you some idea, perhaps. I seem to have found all sorts of moments just before and right after.

The shot I am looking for should have been easy to find online, because of its sexy nature. But all my Google searches, safesearch on or off, came up suprisingly empty. And here I thought I had all the sexually-deprived Internet on my side.

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