Monday, August 10, 2015

my preacher's wisdom continues "Imagine that"

My preacher told a story from his life last Sunday, and I was struck by it and he said I could repeat it, as long as I didn't name names (except for him, Rev. Bob Peak).

He related how years ago he was working closely with a hispanic preacher to be the hispanic church leader for the province. This Spanish-speaking teacher was from a pentecostal background, and one of the elders in the church hierarchy approached Bob saying "Pentecostals don't do well in our churches."

Bob's response, "Imagine that! The Holy Spirit moving in our churches!"

I thank God for people like Bob, who live what they preach, and are not afraid to remind their bosses who the real boss is. Also, he reminds us all what the attitude of Christians should be. It follows quite beautifully with the Moravian motto In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love.

In another story related by him (or another preacher I respect), he was at some church conference where they were deciding on some change. There was a public debate about nominating a committee to study the issue, and it was suggested they have a person representing the various facets of the issue (I do not recall what the issue was). The church leadership nominated this person and that person, and had formed a diverse group of minds, and were almost concluded, and my preacher spoke up: "Are we going to have anyone that represents God's point of view?"