Monday, December 19, 2011

'Avatar' movie Na'vi reproduction

I didn't see Avatar for a long time, but I really enjoyed it when I did.

I saw something online recently that got me thinking:

Under the comments (and I hope this isn't offensive plagarism) one user writes:

"I could have sworn it was already clear in the film that they used the ponytail tendrils for sex - I'm sure I remember them showing the two make the connection, and there's certainly the "you'll go blind" joke if there was any doubt. In fact, just after watching the film I commented to someone that it make the Na'vi connections with the various animals decidedly disturbing - especially since the efforts to make these connections with the animals are forced on creatures that are trying to fight them off."

I don't recall any "going blind" joke in the version of the film I saw. Do you?

A commenter says:
"Uh, then what is Sigourney Weaver talking about when she says early in the movie to the folk trying out their Avatars: Don't play with that, you'll go blind."

Oo, this Colbert link is very cool.

And on that page I link to, among other comments, people have criticised the screenwriting and dialogue, especially the "It's cool, I'm there" line. I was shocked these people didn't seem to realize that this was good writing, in the sense of being true to their established characters. Jakesully is a self-described simpleton, and the woman has only a rudimentary understanding of English (although very good). And then, a screenplay -- even an award-winning one -- can't be judged by the standards of traditional literature. At its most effective, it is meant to convey storytelling to all the various creative minds involved during production.

And this article is informative, weather or not the link works (which I doubt)

Ooo, again. Lots of making-of details
And this one about some language building.

And a negative viewpoint

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