Monday, September 16, 2013

self-repair YouTubes are amazing

I am back to trying to fix my laptop. What I learned before fixed one problem, but I actually had two problems.

I know a guy who taught himself trigonometry with YouTube instructional videos, and I also new a guy who did a lot of home repairs via YouTube instructions. I am impressed by people who are that resourceful.

The first problem I had was that the laptop screen was fooled into thinking it was closed and therefore dimmed the light to save power, becoming impractical to work on. The direct cause was that a little knob was gummed up and always pressed down into shut-off mode. i had to work it loose, and have to every week or so when the problem reappears.

My new problem is not darkening, or dimming, or blinking per se, but rather a color static of a sort.

I am going to try the advice in video #2. Just like he said in the video, I have been told about the inverter, but don't think that is the problem.