Tuesday, December 20, 2011

John Carter of Mars update - trailer

The movie trailer for Disney's John Carter is out just recently: (looking good)


and here's an excited article from someone I don't think even read the books:


  1. I've read all of these. more than once. i discovered them in, i think, junior high school and couldn't get enough. i think i still have the old paperbacks on the shelf. we are greatly looking forward to the movie.

    in response to the article you linked to:

    1) the stanton/disney combo worries rather than excites me. this is way much bunches different from what stanton has done before, or ought to be anyway. as far as disney is concerned... well, i've seen his other story adaptations. you can't call them faithful. to say they even remotely resemble the inspiration story would be a stretch. they tend to have the same character names as the inspiration piece, some plot similarities, much silliness and lotsa music.

    2)how'd he manage to be interested in this film and not know about the difference in gravity? it does sound like he's a stranger to the books.

    3)the details? i hope it's a fully realized burroughs barsoom. looks like it just might be from the trailer.

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