Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do you know of the Genocide in Burma?

Burma aka Myanmar.

In 2008 or so, in Winston-Salem, NC, I met a man at a Bible study who had lived in Myanmar as an aid worker with Heroes Serving Humanity (IIRC). A guerilla sneak-across-the-border i-might-be-shot medicine-on-my-back kind of aid worker.

I found this link:

The Burmese are exceptionally genocidal to many of their minorities, from what I understand.

It amazes me how people seem to think that humanity has become civilized ( enough to grow out of this kind of mass-bloodshed. That's what they thought right before the Great War (aka WW I). And, judging by misnomer, you can see that "The War to end all Wars" was just one of the opening acts of modern warfare.

It is horrifying what is being done behind the closed doors of the Burmese borders. You see, most of the world isn't paying attention to what is atually going on, because (as I understand it) the Myanmar government won't let foreigners near enough to witness the genocide, forming elaborate demonstrations of acceptable human rights.

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