Monday, June 27, 2011

Martian nipples

It's CORAL...chill

But, while I'm speaking of things Martian, I have realized it'd be good to add a "house rule" to my Martian Fluxx card game. Well, two. I am adding these mostly for my own reference, lest we forget. The Mothership should be able to destroy, once per turn, either a City or a Pyramid. I mean, it just makes sense. The other Martian Tech Keepers usually have special abilities. And perhaps the Space Modulator should allow the owner to "modulate" their hand at some point, but I haven't decided. Okay, #2, the Traitor (fully compatable but from a convention giveaway, not this game) should be considered a human and also wearing a hat (for all intents and purposes).

is this what you were expecting?

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  1. This iz what the girl in Star Trek episode 14s boobs would look like.... Lol!