Wednesday, June 29, 2011

house rules for Kill Doctor Lucky, etc

I taught my copy of Kill Doctor Lucky for only the second or third time yesterday, and I am pleased to say it went VERY well. I am learning better how to explain the rules, but also which rules I should ruthlessly rip from the game design.

First, a few of the game items (cards, tokens) need a better description for visualization and understanding of game logic. One, "Spite tokens" should be described as "Pissed-Off Tokens" (or for PG audiences maybe Frustration Tokens). The idea is that after each failure you accumulate frustration, becoming more and more pissed off. Second, the Failure cards can be described as "Trip" cards, or used to trip up your opponent.

Most importantly, the by-the-rules game mechanic of auto extra terms if the Doctor moves into a character's space is just way too confusing. I simply it to merely "you get an extra swipe at the old man". No cards, except weapons, and no moves. Just murder attempt, or not. The game proceeds pretty smoothly without this. I tried taking out the "extra" event upon Doctor Lucky walking in on you, but that made the game drag on forever and was much more irritating. That was an error I fixed for further games.

Further, in the by-the-rules version, when the draw deck (which is large) is exhausted, you re-shuffle most of the cards and keep going. The concensus yesterday was that when we run out of cards, the Doctor wins, and we all lose. The night is over, so to speak. I was pleased with this suggestion.

Another suggestion which I liked was that the various character images on the Failure cards be used, somehow, via a house rule. It seems reasonable that if the character matches the one attempting, the Failure is +1 or perhaps even doubled. All characters are represented, I think.

On another gaming topic, I played "Parade" a month ago or so, and I loved the gameplay itself but the theme bothered me a lot. I also realized the game could be played fairly easily using regular poker playing cards. A military "Cover Me!" theme seemed to me a very good idea. Whether archers or machine guns. I have a deck of GI Joe poker cards, and maybe I will adapt it. Face cards do need to be removed before play, but otherwise I think it works.

This is interesting.

A New Zealand merchant who explains it in only one page: (recommended printable)

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  1. I like the idea about the Failure cards getting extra points if your character matches the card. I would have to play the game again to really get the gist of the other rules. Just no changing in the middle of the game! ;) As long as I win, that's all that matters :-P