Monday, June 27, 2011

JHW: This world stinks.

in my ongoing Job Hunt Woes series (and existance) I have a new post:

Well, I was listening to NPR a day or so ago and there were two very interesting interviews discussing job hunting skills. One was a former Mobster who had gone clean while in prison and written a book comparing Mobster business practices with "legitimate" business ones. I loved how his comments rang so true, especially about modern business being more ruthless than the mob, more dishonest, more lazy, less responsible, and less proactive.

Disheartening, but nowhere near as disheartening as having to live through the realities of society.

The second interview touched on that, sort of. It was a job coach fellow who was giving "tips." What I have learned is that even good advice, sometimes the most honest and effective advice, is to sacrifice your principles. You need to pretend to like every job you've ever had, every job you are applying for. If the job is asking for a red-haired Martain, well, by golly, you are one and just need to fix your hair. I am disgusted.

This fellow was talking further about branding yourself on facebook, and how you can basically have no life in order to conform. He didn't exactly say that outright.

It reminds me of this scene from a movie I saw recently:

I just want to hear on of these job coach "experts" admit that the job hunting arena is a horrible dishonest dirty unethical mess.

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