Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enable your bliss.

My blog title is a take on the phrase: "Follow your bliss"
Well, I love love love the new television show 'River Monsters' on Animal Planet. It tickles me for a various reasons. It's intense, unlike many 'nature' shows, even so far as described as "Action/Adventure." Further, it plainly shows the anthropolical and cultural distinctness in the areas he goes. I realize it is entertainment, and take it all with a grain of salt, but regardless is it very cool.

But that isn't what this blog is about. I want to let others know what I have discovered, and to further encourage others to find ways to enjoy what they enjoy. There are entertainment forms I want nothing to do with, and even consider with revulsion, and yet I like to see people happy.

Well, I do not find cable affordable, and even if I did I might not get Animal Planet. My uncle has the same problem. I told him what I am telling you.

I went and found a pizza restaurant that, for the price of a burger dinner, can enjoy my one of my favorite past-times. I used to use a laundramat for similar purposes, although it was far less...comfortable, but also cheaper. So, think about it.

I have a friend how loves UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) but only sees them when he makes it out to a sports bar. This really isn't hardly any different.

(ah, and don't ask me why:

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  1. I wonder if you've heard about this?

    It's kind of an old article, but it's very interesting!