Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is a game I played a few months ago, but I just got a copy recently. (Thanks, John!)

I liked the way it played enough that John decided to find a cheap used copy for me.

This morning, I realized Havoc could ALSO be played very effectively and themeatically true with the rules from another game I liked, Parade. The original rules are fun, but getting a second game out of the same deck? Awesome!

To modify my Havoc deck, all I really needed to do was remove the cards that were not approriate, espeially the named-battle cards and tokens and most high numbers.

You see, I originally thought about using regular playing cards (I have a GI Joe poker deck) but archery seems to fit better. Moreover, these are great cards with a theme I rarely see (the 100 Years' War). Even more moreover, it just didn't work as well. A Parade deck has 6 suits, while poker decks have only the four. However, I realized Havoc has 6, and also the numbered cards that are needed.

Parade uses the numbers 0-10. For the Havoc adaptation, I used the number 0-12. Twelve being the archer just made it make thematic sense to me. But 18 (Havoc's Battle King) was just overkill (pun for a wargame! haha)

I feel badly for the makers of Parade. I suppose this is poor behavior on my part, but I just didn't feel the Alice and Wonderland theme!

A New Zealand merchant who explains it in only one page: (recommended printable)

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