Monday, March 26, 2012

Where have you travelled?

With my mom's fledgling travel agency, I have been to Costa Rica providing assistance with dental tourism. Before that, out of the USA, only barely into Canada (Sault St. Marie) and barely into Mexico (Puerto Penasco). Within the US, lets see, NC, the Outer Banks of NC, SC, Tenn, Arkansas, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Florida and Virginia. Also, I have driven though parts of Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, West Virginia, and Michegan. Did I forget any? I bet I misspelled Michegan. And I misspelled mispelled.
Well, who'd da thunk, I got misspelled right. I slaughtered Michigan, though.

An important comment regarding "travel ethics"
No, I'm not talking about eco-friendly, socially conscious, sustainable toursim, although that's all important. But I am talking about how YOU as a person feel about travel and YOU make OTHERS feel.
I know when I've heard others talk about extravagant travel experiences, and especially conspicious globe-trotting, it's rather depressed me. As if I already wasn't feeling badly about not having a job.

So, I aplogize if my travel talk has done that to anyone.

Travel, like all of life's luxuries, is best kept as a special occassion, I think. Living within one's means is a virtue that America seems to have veered away from (the government and the people).

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  1. I was very lucky as a child, my family took a 1 year trip from Canada to New Zealand. It was great, I was only 12 at the time but remember it well. We stopped in Fiji and Samoa too. It was my favorite childhood memory.
    Since then I have been to England, Wales, Cuba, and also Costa Rica. I loved Costa Rica. Fantastic place.
    Mostly though I just travel in my own province of Alberta, which is very diverse, and this summer we are going to drive to the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, I cannot wait, I love the smell of the ocean and look forward to the trip greatly. I love hearing about people's travel adventures.
    Great blog, enjoyed.