Sunday, March 11, 2012

My dental trip to Costa Rica

I don't have bad teeth (I am only 29), but my mom was doing all this, and so since I didn't want her to go alone, I planned to go. But that isn't to make it sound dreary. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, except for the {excessive and unnecessary] hassle of international travel. So I got dental work done too, although not urgent, I might as well take advantage. I have my whole dental life ahead of me.

You see, for her (or most any American needing at least a few expensive dental procedures) is was significantly cheaper all told to pay international airfare there and back, a touristy luxury Costa Rican hotel, daily tourism activities (such as museums), AND the (quality) dental work itself.

That is a sad commentary on American medical/dental/insurance circumstances.

I'm not just guessing at the value or savings or quality. After having made this trip ourselves, we can now make totals of all our expenses as well as our equivalent American prices. We can also know which dentists are actually of the good quality and skill an American would want to make all this worthwhile (for instance, my dentist, a Dr. Ms. Marin, did much of her training at UCLA).

For American prices, I used an online Consumer Reports article, Too view the full price listings, I'm afraid you have to be a subscriber.

For Costa Rican prices, we have our receipts and dental work agreements from where we actually had this work done (Feb 2012)

I had some extraordinary sight-seeing experiences, but for my 6 days there I spent the large majority in and around dental offices.
However, I got one day of real sight-seeing, which was a great value through Expediciones Tropicales, in which I went on their Combo tour, with the Doka Coffee PLantation, the Poas Volcano National Park, and the La Paz Waterfall Garden.
I say great value, because although it seemed pricey at first, I later looked at all that I did that was included and realized what a value it was!
I have a keen interest in waterfall sight-seeing, and so this day trip was especially meaningful for me.,_Costa_Rica

I never made it to the San Jose Zoo, nor the Jade Museum, and I never got to taste fresh guanabana fruit. That was disappointing, although what I did get to do was more than I ever expected.

My mom wants to try and do more of these trips, for herself and her friends. I felt very safe in Costa Rica. It seemed quite a safe place to go, unless of course you went into the worst areas (same as any U.S. city). You hear many scary things online, but I didn't face any (although I did take malaria tablets).

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  1. That's certainly a perk of traveling abroad in the name of dentistry: discovering new places and getting the chance to appreciate foreign countries and cultures. What's more, you get excellent services at low prices. I wish you took a lot of pictures on your Costa Rica dental trip.