Monday, March 26, 2012

new flier/ handout for Dental Travel business

Today I typed up a new flyer for our young business.
How does it sound? I have received friendly criticism to certain grammar sacrifices made in the name of expediency.

Fair, Affordable Dentist Visits (and Medical Scans)
imagine, if U.S. prices $6,000, then Costa Rica as low as $3,000 (including all normal travel costs, even airfare!) At {our business}, we don't seek the cheapest care, but rather affordable quality care.
Can you imagine getting world class dental care for up to 70% less than in the USA? Root canal: $300, Porcelain Crown: $395, Dental implant: $1800. This is all by highly skilled dental professionals in a modern, high-tech dental clinic in Costa Rica. You get a great vacation and save lots of money BUT you don't want to travel alone in a strange country BECAUSE "I don't know where to go, the language, or where to begin finding the best hotels and dentists." Well, we have simplified EVERYTHING for you. While some dental tourism agencies book the dentist and hotel for you, we are right there at the hotel and dentist office with you, WITH A BILINGUAL REGISTERED NURSE and staff on hand to attend to your vacation and dental needs. Personal service makes us unique in this industry.
JOIN OUR UPCOMING TOUR! We are here in the USA, and in Costa Rica to help you.
Our services include before, during, and after your trip! Assistance with airlines and passports, our partner hotel and catered breakfasts, and ready FREE international phone and bilingual nurse
Visit our website at {?}
Learn more at the Clemmons Library Auditorium, Thursday, April 5, 2012 between 5 / 6 pm.
No Internet? No problem! Call our local travel representative 336-300-4000

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