Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Games: Kill Doctor Lucky

Oh, before I get to Kill Doctor Lucky, let me quickly add that Carcassone: Hunters and Gatherers is a *great* game and my family loves it. I gave it to my 16 year old sister for a present, and she ran with it, so to speak.

Also, Blokus is a great game, and I have now played the square and trigon varieties. Very appropriate to my thinking with other boardgames mentioned herein and yet quite different.

Okay, a friend brought a game he had just bought, Kill Doctor Lucky and we played it a few nights ago. I was very pleased. It has a bit of dark humor, but nothing grotesque. Part of the dark humor are the goals and winning conditions: be the first to Kill Doctor Lucky. It was early (and aptly) described to me as "reverse Clue." It is a game I intend to buy if I get the chance. It was more fun with all the people playing, although with fewer people playing it becomes perhaps more strategic. WIth many players, there was so much going on (or that could go on) between your turns that stategy was hard to accomplish. "House rules" are very much called for in two point. First, a turn order marker (like the Cheiftain from Stone Age) is called for. We improvised with a salt shaker. Second, with more players, the hallways become too power if a player can see (and thus prevent action) along it's entire length. With fewer players, I doubt it would be an issue in the same manner. Our "gentleman's agreement" to require a player to designate a position when in hallways for line-of-sight worked well.

Apparently, I played a more recent addition of the game, distinguished in part by the illustrated playing peices depicting the characters.

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