Monday, March 28, 2011

just placed a game order

Well, I got my tax return back, and most of the year I am notoriously stingy, but I think it's time for my once-a-year self-indulgence.

I just placed an order on Amazon for 4 items:

1"Deluxe Pit"
Winning Moves; Toy; $13.60

1"In A Pickle"
Gamewright; Toy; $10.07

1"Carcassonne: The River"
Rio Grande Games; Toy; $8.95

Rio Grande Games; Toy; $24.66

Plus FREE Super Saver Shipping

It's possible I over-paid, although I think it worked out well. Especially with the free shipping.

Also, I want to order the game Ubongo, and have contacted my local crack dealer:
and also Nuclear War

Also, my crack dealer has (but hasn't make the drop-off yet) Citadels and Kill Doctor Lucky.

Man, I am going to be spoiled.

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