Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Games: [Alien] Abduction

This is one of my favorite games that I own. Produced by Eden Studios. Almost no one but me (and my old store out in Tulsa) seems to know of it.

Real quick: note to self that I need to use some "speed house rules setup" to introduce people, because last night and the other night both sucked as far as having the players having a good time.

If we set up the map before play begins, then the game is a matter of a race to the Exit, which makes sense to most people, and it eliminates half of the confusion.

Yesterday I also played my revised "house rules" Star Trek game (previously Star Trek: The Customizable Card Game) with a new person. It worked beautifully, even though we only played a few hands before the gentleman had to leave. No points were scored, although we came close. Maybe 15 minutes.

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