Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fossil Fish Found Alive!

Discovering the coelacanth has always been a fascinating story to me. And yes, it is a story, full of suprises, heros, betrayal, accidents, twists of fate, bitter defeats, and long-lasting struggle.

It was never well-told for me, however, until I found this so-called children's book at the local library. Scientific publishing is very frugal with the colorful photos. Although not entirely absent, I have found that scientific literature could benefit greatly from storytelling flare and pictures that tell that story. Storytelling wouldn't require any sacrifice of truthful relation, although I'm sure that's a fear (and a justified one).

Anyway, this book appears to be one of the most updated sources around, with the saga followed though 2002. Printed 2010, IIRC. As only a mere collection of avaialable known facts and photos, it is valuable. It is moreso through the storytelling skill of the author, whom I commend.

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