Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zelda ringtone!

I've brought a little extra joy to my life this week.

This time, it's not related to cleavage, nor food, nor drink, nor natural history, nor kaiju, nor sci-fi.

I finally, after many years of cellphone use, added my first custom ringtone (here I just mean custom referring to a chosen download, rather than a company preset option; I did NOT make anything myself; i don't have the equipment, for one thing)

Years ago, when i first considered a cellphone, I already knew that a Zelda ringtone (from the classic version of the video game) was what i wanted. I could here it in my mind.

But sadly, my phone at the time did not support non-preset ringtones, so I let it be. It wasn't worth the extra money at that time.

I knew i had the capability for internet access on my new phone, but it hadn't really occurred to me in any urgent way that I could use the internet capability for free ringtones. I had too much else to worry about, being unemployed and all.

Anyway, friend at work => => searches => experiemting =>

The above Link (haha! Link! Get it!) was better sounding than most versions I found on that site. Almost symphonic is clarity. I wonder where/how it was produced.

Now I learn that it *is* symphonic! If I understood right, it's taken from here: Zelda Medley

and now I find this, too:

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