Wednesday, March 3, 2010

JHW: First Callback/Interview in 4 months

Something is very very wrong in the world.

And yet, I am thankful for what meager droppings are left me from the gluttony of capitalism.

I do not know exactly what this job is, but I find out tomorrow. And if I guess right, it's a good job.
But, even if it's a good job, the chances are not in my favor for being the chosen, applicant.

I have had quite a few other things that could be called interviews, but they don't count as far as I am concerned.
Being "processed" by a mechanized HR doesn't count, nor does "asking to speak to the manager."

Ugh. And yet, yay!


  1. What is JHW, the name of the outfit you were supplicating at? What was so good about their offering? I'm amusing it's the fiscal field you're gadding about in, professionally speaking.

  2. JHW = Job Hunt Woes, the current series of blogs. I was unclear on that in my current blogs.
    The offer was simply getting a job that was something more that restaurants or retail or factory work or call centers. Something professional, that I could at least not feel embarassed to admit was my job. I had really been hoping for a offered position that used my college degree, but that sadly wasn't the case. But I took what I could get, and the sad thing is that I am incredibly grateful.
    I'm ranting about the business world (is that what you mean by fiscal field?) but that's not the field I'm in. But the company I work for *is* a business, and more importantly businesses surround me and partially shape the society I live in.