Monday, March 22, 2010

Positive sandwich

just a quick note:

During my recent NCI training (North Carolina Interventions) I learned many valuable things, but I want to list one in particular that I wish more people knew about.

The "positive-sandwich" is where you place a negative statement of criticism between to positive statements of encouragement.
It allows a person to speak in a more civil way to other people, in any walk of life. Particularly, NCI applied to the mental health field, but anytime a person is dealing with the public, or even friends and family, I think it's a great thing to keep in mind.

For instance:
"Those pants don't look good on you; please don't wear them again in my sight"
"I really like your shirt today...
... but those pants don't really suit you...
... as your friend, I just wanted you to know."

NCI focused on deescalation techniques and also some self-defence and/or restraint techniques for cases where escalation wasn't preventable.

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