Thursday, February 28, 2013

Star Trek: The Star Trek (2009) movie review

It's not exactly my review, but I do have a few additional comments.
Besides the fact these reviews are wonderfully smart AND entertaining.

Warning: Adult language and themes. (short and metaphorical) (full and lengthy)

Plinkett says wisely: "Now this is the most thing to remember when watching this movie. Star Trek is esentially a remake of the 1960s T.V. series. It's a film that specifically exploits the iconic images and phrases of the old T.V. show for mass audience appeal. It's really no different [in concept] than the 1998 remake of Lost in Space.... strictly for nostalgia exploitation. ... When you accept this fact, you can learn to enjoy the film more for what it is: a fun, action-packed nod to the old T.V. show...nothing more."

I was violently unhappy with Star Trek: The Star Trek until I realized I could pretend it said "inspired by Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry"

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