Thursday, February 21, 2013

Varan idol figurine

It is hard to explain why I find this so amazingly cool. It's an obscure reference to an obscure monster in an obscure monster movie, beautifully rendered. It's listed as Price: 12,500 Yen, whatever that comes out to in dollars. I am doubtful that it is still available, however.

It's exceedingly ironic that an idol is the source of my fascination. Smacks of idolatry?

The website it's from,, is interesting in and of itself.

Also, check out Varan Unleashed

Listen to this: (images) (theme music from Godzilla: Unleashed video game) (maybe film reviews) (German military music? WHy?)


X-Plus 12" internet variant Varan monster Godzilla Marmit Bandai M1 Paradise

Here is a spikey 12" vinyl X-Plus prepainted figure of Varan, the orphan kaiju of Toho who was given a decidedly unspectacular production for his first and essentially final film appearance (unless you count his ragged costume being shown for a few seconds in Destroy All Monsters). But don't think that Toho's one-shot wonder is not pursued by collectors, partially due to his elusive nature and partially because he is one classic-looking reptilian monster, with a tough scaly hide and those distinguishing (and distinguished) spikes. X-Plus adds the requisite touch of making the spikes out of translucent vinyl, and this internet exclusive includes a 4" plus stone-textured version of the idol from Varan's island, making this the definitive Varan piece for that hole in your kaiju collection (unless you have the Paradise Varan, then you're in pretty good shape). Comes in the box unused as pictured.

“If you have any question, please ask me.

I’m looking forward to your contact!!

Happy Bidding” You gotta see this!

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