Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what have you read by Buckminster Fuller?

I had no idea who he was until today. I first heard of him a few weeks ago, mentioned in the Tao of Pooh, spoken of in the same breathe as Edison. That alone was enough to catch my attention.

Well, a quick online glance makes it amazing to me I had never heard of him before, or at least not in a way I remembered the mention. From what I see, he was a writer (as well as mover, shaker, and innovator) and from a quick look I think he is in line with my interests.

The website linked above suggests Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, 1963, or Critical Path as good starting points. I am going to add those to my ever-lengthy and ever-growing reading list.

His science is doubtlessly dated, and I suspect this is the major reason I haven't heard of him. But like a favorite author of mine, Willy Ley, I bet his enduring insights into various fundamental principles are worthy of note. He really isn't THAT outdated. He wrote until the 80s.

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  1. ooo yes! the spaceship earth/geodesic dome guy! i remember him being a popular conversation topic back in the '70's -i had a friend who seriously looked into building a dome home- but i haven't heard his name mentioned in forever. there's even a molecule named after him. there's video of him at youtube.