Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cool! Found this! Listening to sci-fi Trek authors talk radio

I just found the archives of this amatuer (yet notable) talk radio program and it has content of strong interest to me (okay, perhaps an understantement), recent Star Trek authors. For those who aren't familiar, ever since the late 90s the Star Trek books have all been relaunched with an emphasis on becoming literature, rather than "young adult" adventure books. A few editors, such a Marco Palmieri, were especially involved in this. Their success at inter-novel continuity marks this period. It began a little before the DS9 Relaunch (as it is often known) and around the 2003 Lost Era books, or perhaps with KRAD's Diplomatic Implausibility.

interview with Trek author Christopher L. Bennett, Airdate: Mon, April 11, 2011
Bennett speaks on Department of Temporal Investigations: Watching the Clock
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KRAD speaks on "A Singular Destiny" plus earlier work
go to about 12:30 at
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I am now adding Mere Anarchy and A Singular Destiny to my reading list, and probably Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows and Obsidian Alliances( which includes KRAD's The Mirror-Scaled Serpent, too.

First Contact Day!


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