Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trek aliens: Caitians and Markalians

Well, the Betelgeusians are still without equal as my personal favorite obscure Star Trek alien (I've blogged about them before; they have the added mystique of never having been seen clearly) but I found two races recently that I hadn't known much about before. And there isn't much to know, appaarantly.

My girlfriend bought me a set of Deep Space Nine Season 1, and I got curious when I saw a few Markalians (unnammed as such). Mercenary characters catch my eye, what can I say. As for Caitians, I had previously seen them as characters in books, but had not known they were seen breifly in the movies, but especially The Animated Series.
Also, the "Shroomies" I always imgined them to be the Tzenkethi

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