Tuesday, January 3, 2012

epic gaming: Twilight Imperium

Last Saturday, for my New Year's afternoon I was talked into joining a game that I had seen around but hadn't played, Twilight Imperium. I say "talked into it" because, although I did want to play, I wasn't very confident about the time committment the game suggested. I was told we might play until 7pm. It was 2 pm. I expected it might run longer, which it did. Finally, I just had to leave, and I am very glad I did because otherwise it would have disappointed my girlfriend. Although I may have oversimplified, I described the game as "only half over."


Anyway, now I've added a new game to the class of epicly long games I've tried, such as 7 Ages and Twilight Struggle.

It was a very good game, though, even though we didn't even get to the true competitive parts. I want and plan to play again, although I don't know when that can be. I didn't get to play long enough to see any mistakes (or successes) I made in strategy.

Oh, and I saw Risk Legacy for the first time. That will be another epicly long game.

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