Saturday, December 18, 2010

what have you read by Robert Westbrook?

Well, this follows immediately on the heels of 'What have your read by John LeCarre' and I though about simply updating that blog post, but I decided to more accurate sequence was appropriate.

Well, as I said before, I was reading 'The Saudi Connection' as my latest Westbrook installment, and I had great things to say. All that is as it was, but I was in the middle of the book, which was suspenseful and a page-turner, but shortly thereafter I finished the novel, and the last third left me displeased.

Perhaps the author was under pressure from his editors to wrap it all up. I don't know. But it was just all too convenient, and to make it convenient the characters were no longer true to themselves. My 'suspension of disbelief' was no longer persuaded to go along for the ride.

Even before that part of the story, there were moments where I could hardly beleive he had written things as they were. Common sense seemed to be discarded when it was inconvenient. Not explained away, which is tried and true, but simply overlooked and ignored.

Well, back to my original topic. I doubt most of my readers have heard of this author, but I have now read most of his Moon Deer mysteries plus I am in the middle of his biography of F. Scott. Fitzgerald. I just hope "being in the middle" doesn't end up how it did with "Saudi"


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