Saturday, December 11, 2010

what have you read by John le Carré?

(any advice on how to better capitalize his name, or did I do it correctly?)

Well, I was going to title this post "What have you read by Robert Westbrook" but I am sure I would have got far less readership, which really is hardly any different than any other title's readership I suppose. I also considered "What have you read by Jack Anderson" the Pulitzer Prize winning jounalist who's famous columns tackled Nixon and other daunting targets.

Self-response: nothing by Jack Anderson. Not my generation, although I have a certain respect for him via Robert Westrook's novel that I am reading, "The Saudi Connection" More on that later. As for Westbrook otherwise, I am in the middle or "Intimate Lies" which I am enjoying and previously I devoured his Moon Deer Mysteries while I lived out West. Well, sorta "out West" anyway.

Well, I have read "The Constant Gardener" a year ago or so, and loved it.
I am intending to read much more by him now that I have discovered him, or rather discovered how much I enjoy his work.
I own "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" in paperback.
I picked it up in paperback at a used book store. That's an advantage of discovering authors of yesteryear.

Anyway, right now I am in the middle of "The Saudi Connection" by Robert Westbrook (supposedly under the name of Jack Anderson). It's an international intrigue mystery, which is why it brought LeCarre to mind. In fact, I am having the precise same thrills reading this book by Westbrook, although I have to compunction admitting the mastery of LeCarre that Westbrook just doesn't quite rise to. He's close though, which I think of as very high praise.

I have a distinct problem with getting into the middle of books that I am really ernjoying them, but starting another book I am enjoying almost equally and otherwise becoming sidetracked. Argh.

It has many great lines, but this one caught my eye today:
"Clean underwear can do a lot for morale"
That is inconsequential, I suppose, but it made me smile ;-)

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