Wednesday, December 29, 2010

what have you read by Chas King?

AKA Captain Charles "Chas" King, veteran of the Indian Wars of the Southwest.

I haven't read anything by him, and I believe the typical reader hasn't even heard of him. I hadn't until earlier today, when I came across a brief mention of him in a biography of Edgar Rice Burroughs that I am reading, Tarzan Alive.

Captain King was briefly the commandant of a military academy that ERB attended as a high-school-age youth, and made a lasting impression on him, and the two authors were in touch at least until ERB's The War Chief.

He is described as little known today except among buffs of the Indian Wars, but that in his day (1890-ish) King was widely read and well regarded.

So, I wanna look him up. Might be tricky if his books are as obscure as they sound, despite the fact he wrote 60 something of them, IIRC. The local library has none, which is no surprise, so tell you later.

On a similar note, did you know Charles Darwin's father (or was it his grandfather?) wrote environmental-themed poetry? I plan to look that up, also, given time.

Oh, and I just got Raintree County from the Library. That's on my stack now, along with The Sea Wolf by Jack London, Hiawatha by Longfellow and a few other good ones.

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