Friday, June 11, 2010

test embed- hott dancing chinese girl

Evelyn Lin: Hadn't heard of her til today. Apparently rather new. Apparently a popular pornstar, and one who has a nice smile.

I hadn't realized why a search request of her name (I had conducted by accident, at first) pulled up a Mummy movie trailer.
I thought she was an actress (or other things) featured in The Mummy: Dragon Emperor's Tomb.
Then I found this: "Yang and Choi are killed by Evelyn and Lin when they attempt to ..."
Nope, a quick scan on imdb confirms it: she's never branched into mainstream cinema. A shame, I think.


  1. Hmm. What makes the video weird to you? Other than the fact she is dancing seductively by herself, but I can imagine very many home videos of people showing off. Just curious.