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ST:CCG my custom preconstructed 2player

As requested, my design for Fed-only "transwarp speed" 2player STCCG game with shared seed deck.

This is Decipher's game from the 90s, long dead, Star Trek: The Customizable Card Game.

As a long-dead game, finding players familiar with the game (and with a collection of cards) wasn't practical, so I decided to come up with a version of the game I could fit in a small-ish box and pull out whenever someone seemed interested, and with a minimum of rule complications.

I had four aims in my design:
1) Speed (of set-up and play)
2) Ease (of play and learning the game)
3) TrekSense (only including cards and rules that made sense within the universe established by Trek)
4) Fun (trying to add cards that feature major Trek events and themes, such as tribbles, temporal rifts, the Crystalline Entity, and the Q; or visual appeal or other coolness factor)

The biggest adjustment that I've made, as I see it, is the combined seed deck.
1) By only using one seed deck, and making it random, I have eliminated a HUGE time-eater. Dilemmas are just dealt out.
2) Each game is decidedly different, because different Obstacles come out each game.
3) The game can be shortened or lengthened as desired, within limits, with a simple mechanism of how many Obstacles are dealt.

And plenty of games involve random "chance card" type of problems that are just faced as a matter of course in the game, so it's not at all strange, in my opinion.

By the later expansions, there were so very many nasty dilemmas, and seed slots were at such a premium, that dilemma combos had become of less importance anyway. My preconstructed selection for my "Obstacles" includes mostly evenly nasty dilemmas, sprinkled with relatively harmless ones.

The combined randomized seed deck is what makes this work. Basically, all the other rules I've come up with facilitate the preconstructed decks I've made, based in large part on the collection I have.

A combined seed deck would make almost any preconstructed game pretty reasonable. A Klingon vs Fed preconstructed game (or Dominion vs Fed, or Borg vs Fed). Or themed with tribbles, Q, Mirror Universe, Maquis, etc.

I've recently playtested the current version, and I am fairly happy with it.

2 player Fed-only "transwarp speed" preconstructed deck(s)
WITH COMBINED SEED DECK (and with 1:1 customizable personnel available)

playtested 5/11/2010

current draw (8+22+20+1; 51) + draw #2 (51) + shared seed (55) = 157 cards total

re-re-modified "house rules"
Game setup:
Each player receives his/her Draw Deck (preconstructed and equal, or modified 1:1 ratio replacement, as desired)
The shared Seed Deck is brought out, and separated into Missions and Obstacles (Dilemmas/Enemy Ships).
1) The missions are shuffled, and then laid out into a Spaceline, all facing one direction, and all open to all players.
2) Now, Obstacles (dilemmas/ships/Q) are also shuffled. A number of Obstacles is agreed upon for every mission (from 1 to 4; 3 preferred; lower number speeds up the game). Obstacles are now seeded: a chosen number under each mission, random and hidden, all equal amounts (skipping Space and Nebula missions).
3) Now, each player selects (from Draw Deck) "Starting Fleet Deployment". Each Player begins with one outpost (placement their choice), one ship (their choice), and only those personnel required to staff that one ship (again, their choice).
4) Note: players need to realize they will eventually have a discard pile, a played card area, and a points-modifier area, to be used if and when they are.

Each player plays 2 regular cards during turn, makes command decisions ("taking actions"), then draws 2 cards. Alternate player repeats. Simple.
Sorta. Some cards changed how many cards are drawn or played, or "stop" parts of your fleet from taking more actions, or otherwise confuse things. Also, some cards (when played) allow "downloading" specific cards.
Interrupts may be played at any time and do not require a card play. Tribbles play for free, but on your turn. All others use a card play on your turn, unless they specify. Personnel and Federation ships can only report to your outpost.
"Taking actions" includes ship/personnel movement and mission attempts and attacking ship-dilemmas.
The goal is to gain 100 points before your opponent does, mostly by attempting and completing missions, but also by bonus point boxes on various other cards. A mission is completed once an attempt is made with all requirements satisfied AND no more Obstacles to be faced there. If no player can reach 100 points, by agreed upon time or once neither player can make any effective moves, player with the highest points wins. (With many Obstacles option chosen, this is a likely outcome.)

Further notes:
Non-federation ships are considered as dilemmas/Obstacles (acting like the original Borg Ship dilemma). They immediately attack (and stop) any encountering ship, and then at the end of either players' turns moves towards farther end of spaceline, attacking either players ships encountered (no choice - weakest shields selected, random if tie; ONLY once per either players' turn, usually at the end of a turn, unless Borg Cube, which automatically attacks ANY ship at ANY time, including multiples). If a player's ship has a personnel matching attacking dilemma-ship affiliation, it is usually immune (i.e. Dejar makes a ship immune from Cardassian vessels). (Exceptions to immunity: Non-Aligned and Klingon attack others of same; there are no Borg personnel thus no immunities)

When played, Federation ships immediately produce up to staffing requirements via download (player chooses from draw deck and plays to ship). This automatically causes a player to download and play ONLY Federation personnel and ONLY until staffing met, no more than minimum. Plays to ship. If all staffing cannot be met, then as much as can is made, and no more (example: a ship with a gold star and silver star, no gold in deck, so d/l the one silver).
Ships with no staffing icons still need one any personnel to staff.

Ships with no staffing icons (i.e. shuttles and runabouts) have a capacity/personnel limit matching printed shields. Larger ships have none. These ships (no icons; shuttlecraft) may be docked, launched, carried aboard your ships with (tractor beam and ENGINEER), using 1 range, or land/launch, also using 1 range.

All affiliations may mix and cooperate, except ship-dilemmas.

Miracle Worker: Scotty's special skill includes one of the following skills, your choice: ENGINEER, Astrophysics, Physics, Transporter Skill, Computer Skill. Announce when reporting, and then may change at start of any of your turns.

draw (8+22+20+1= 51) + draw #2 (51) + shared seed (55) = 157

draw deck (x2)

Neutral Outpost

ships (8)
USS Galaxy x 2
Type IV Shuttlecraft
USS Nebula
USS Danube
USS Intrepid
Type 9 Shuttlecraft
USS Excelsior

Events/Interrupts/Obj/Incidents/Eqt (22)
Security Sacrifice
Particle Fountain
Federation PADD
Quantum Slipstream Drive
Escape Pod
Plasmadyne Relay
Telepathic Alien Kidnappers
Palor Toff
Assign Support Personnel
Temporal Rift
62nd Rule of Acquisition
Access Denied
Kevin Uxbridge
Vulcan "Death Grip"
Subspace Warp Rift
Static Warp Bubble
Nutational Shields
Starfleet Type 1 Phaser
1 Tribble

Personnel (20)
Ambassador Krajensky
Sarita Carson
Sito Jaxa
T'Rul - Rommie
Vedek Sorad - Baj
Alyssa Ogawa
Montgomery Scott
Sevek - NA
Joseph Travis
Thompson - dual NA
Jace Micheals
Devinoni Ral - NA
Thomas Riker
Dejar - Cardie
Graham Davis
Soong-type Android - NA
Sovak - Fer
EMH Program

seed deck (shared - 40 Obstacles + 15 Missions/outposts = 55 seed)
Obstacles - all (40 = 15 enemy ships, 24 Dilemmas, 1 Q Event)
Gorn Encounter
Chula: The Lights
Chula: The Way Home
Crystalline Entity
Anaphasic Organism
Quantum Fissure
Under Fire
Scientific Method
Assasin's Blade
Android Nightmares
None Shall Pass
Armus - Sticky Situation
Penalty Box (Q Event)
Q Gets The Point
Sabotaged Negotiations
Stellar Flare
Spatial Rift
Kazon Bomb
Security Precautions
Don't Call Me Ahab
Royale Casino: Craps

Mercenary Ship- Ship
Combat Vessel- Ship
Scout Vessel (Rommie)- Ship
D'deridex Advanced- Ship
Military Freighter (Cardie)- Ship (maybe Breen Warship later)
Alliance Vor'Cha- Ship
Alliance K'Vort- Ship
IKC Vor'Cha - Ship
Borg Scout Vessel- Ship
Borg Cube- Ship
Borg Probe- Ship
Borg Queen's Ship
Borg Sphere- Ship
Galor- Ship
Weyoun's Warship

Missions: 15
Salvage Operation
Study Pulsar
Explore Interstellar Matter
Sensitive Search
Establish Relations
Study Pulsar Streamer
Repair Mission
-Space x 2

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