Sunday, June 20, 2010

Impressive surprise! Heard of a triops?

I hadn't until today, sadly enough. At least, not that I recall.
They are also refered to inaccurately as tadpole shrimp or sheild shrimp. "True" shrimp are in a different (and less-primitive) crustactean group.

Apparently, they are easy raised as pets, with eggs living dormant for an extended time, making them available to children as "instant pets"
They remind me of a horseshoe crab, and like the horseshoe crab, are decidedly a "living fossil"

In the sense that I am surprised to be surprised by an object of natural bewonderment, this reminds me of a solifugid, aka the wind scorpion, which I just had no idea about at all and as such came as a huge surprise to me.

This is all embarrassing to say. But each time I learn something, I am catching up ;-)


  1. These remind me a bit of those "sea monkey" kits that we raised brine shrimp in.

  2. There is a good reason these remind you of brine shrimp. I did a bit of research, and they are fairly closely related, both branchiopods, a group of primitive crustaceans. And you are exactly right: these animals are sold as instant live pets the same way as "sea monkeys" are, and are often directly compared and contrasted.