Monday, May 6, 2013

Turok's Fate: Deathmate

I'm finding out more things about Turok's days with Valiant Comics.
Actually, I am learning more about the comic book industry in general, Valiant in particular, and Turok as a desired consequence.

Apparently, there was a "comic book speculator boom of the 1990s" hyperbolicly termed an apocalyse of sorts of which Turok (through Valiant Comics) was a part. Back then, Valiant proudly touted it as "the Valiant Era."

I need to go now, but I wanted to put up these links: (this is GOOD stuff)
The Image Story: Part 3 of 4, critiquing the Image side of Deathmate
also failed at finding it on Google...lost to the ether, I guess.

worth a read? dunno yet:

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