Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey, this guy wasn't in Jurassic Park: Carnotaurus

From my reading, I am given to understand that Carnotaurus (Meat-eating bull-lizard) was roughly contemporary with Tyrannosaurus Rex and Allosaurus, and of similar contour, but was off doing his own thing on the then-island of South America, which much like the Australia of then and now, was an isolated continent giving rise to unique forms.

Actually, also from my own reading, I recall many other examples of the peculiarity of South American fauna, represented even today by the sloths and their xenarthan brethren. You see, South America didn't connect up to North America directly until about the last Ice Age.

Apparently, I am just now learning something many 4-year-olds probably know. There is apparently a year 2000 Disney animated movie that features Carnotaurs fairly heavily. Gonna have to see that sometime.

I am wondering if that's the dinosaur on the Turok animated movie cover.
There is so much genetic and evolutionary hanky-panky in Turok's Lost Land that I don't think it matters much.


  1. Apparently, Turok's theropod is a carnotaurs, after all.

  2. Wow, cool, the animated Turok has a Terror Bird. Maybe Titanis. This is another South American peculiarity that is nice to see, and in my opinion was one of the gross omissions from Peter Jackson's King Kong.

    and more Terror Bird from TV show Primeval: