Monday, November 14, 2011

Feild Report: MACE 2011

I got to play my Havoc on Parade a few times, which i was trilled about, but also Abduction, Carcassone, and also a few new games.

My time was largely used up as a GM, and then having a cold all awhile, but I did manage to tap into a few other games.

One was playtesting a newly designed game, Rape Pillage and Burn. The artwork was not finished at all, but the gameplay went quite well. The title and thematic element of rape is the biggest difficulty facing the game designer, who I enjoyed meeting. Like slavery, or lynching, rape is just too taboo in our culture to really be an accepted game theme. It's sad for the game, because it works well and was fun to play. The artwork was viking-themed, and reminded me quite a bit of the old Obelisk and Asterix cartoons. Remember them?
go to time index 3:15

I also joined a game out of curiousity called Star Fleet Battles. It is an older game, from the 70s but re-published as late as the 90s. Apparently, it was officially licensced by the owners of the Star Trek franchise, with the odd exception of the words "Star Trek". But it had Klingons, Gorn, Tholians, Romulans, and even collaboration with the Star Trek Manuel.
Except for the lack of miniatures, it could be called a miniatures game. I beleive they called themselves a "simulation" game. It wasn't my style.

In other news, I finished up Gateway a few days ago, and started on Hadon of Ancient Opar. Hadon is by Farmer but based on certain Tarzan stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but taking place in 10,000 BC rather than modern day. One thing that makes it so much fun is that is really does feel like a long-lost ERB pulp-fiction type novel. He imitates and gives homage to ERB.

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