Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Conquest of the Empire: board game

This game was brought to our local gaming meetup last week, and I was enthusiastic to give it a try. It looked a bit like Risk, which I have a childhood affinity for. It plays differently, though, and some aspects are decidedly improved upon the Risk model.

The most striking positive change (to me, anyways) was sea battles and invasions from over the sea. These sorties were not patterned upon dotted lines, like in Risk, but were limited only by how many turns a player wanted to invest in their roamings.

Another big change is that a player is not eliminated necessarily by having all armies beaten, but rather by having their "Ceasar" or King taken. That might involve fighting to to the last military unit, or it might not.

Further change: If any military units survive your assault on the opposing Ceasar, they are now your troops. This makes sense considering the Roman civil war theme of the game.

I did not have fun during this game, overall. It wasn't the game. It was another player with a bad attitude. Even when I was winning, I stopped enjoying the game. (I'd like to think I lost the game mostly because I didn't have my heart in it anymore) I hate it when things like that happen. I only finished the game (6 hours!) because I wanted to be a good sport to others still playing. I am willing to grant that the player may have been having a bad day. I have done some soul-searching about how to react in the future, and I am as uncertain as before.

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