Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zues and Roxanne Nerd-alysis

Is there a better, more nifty term for Nerd-alysis? It'd be cool to find or invent a better creative combination of words. Geek sampling?

Well, at my job in a group home, one of our residents was watching the kid's movie Zues and Roxanne about mutt and a dolphin and their respective human consorts, and I sat down to watch it with him and build a friendly rapport. (I had to google the spelling on that word, "repore") (No HIPPA violations here, I think. I hope.)

That was a few days ago. I just now had a chance to blog. Well, I had a few geeky "ooh!" moments that I did not expect and wanted to share.

First, "Ooh! That's the guy from Short Circuit! I can't recall seeing him in any other movie, ever!" Not a bad actor, and quite the winning smile. I'd like to think I share that feature.

Second, 'Ooh! Is that Ba'al?' off Stargate? Sinister and menacing, as always, in his quiet way. Cool.

Third, and I didn't think of this until later, the movie had it's own fizzbin moment! The kids sit around to play their version of "poker" with a supposedly naive younger kid, and make up complex arbitrary rules as it goes along. "The two of spades beats anything!" They make no reference to that great Iotian scene in Star Trek, but I thought it was great. Of course, to have been a REAL fizzbin moment it would have needed an abrupt fistfight.

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