Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kaijuology: The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

I'm not any special fan of the Star Wars franchise, and even moreover the modern preview trilogy I think was a significant reduction is the appeal the universe has. However, I am a very rabid kaiju fan, albeit one who has only a fragmentary familiarity. FYI, kaiju is a Japanese word for "monster" as I understand it, and is a convenient term for the Godzilla-style of monster movies which often feature actors in rubber suits known as "suitimation". Additionally, daikaiju means "giant monster" but I perfer the shorter term, since either is non-specific for Americans, while the term "xenomorph" has been used in some of the movies themselves, such as Tokyo S.O.S.

Well, I found a very cool blog today, and I watched the link it gave me, and it was worth it for me. If I flatter myself with the title kaijuologist, I at least should keep an eye on things.


Well, apparently a kid-oriented animation short is shown on Cartoon Network these days, titled Clone Wars. and filling in some gaps between Episode III and the original Star Wars movie, formally Episode 4.


BTW, the second commentary, for Z Strikes Back, wasn't of any interest in terms of kaijuological interest, although I enjoyed the preview for Strikes. I was only so far able to find and watch 2.18, the original of the two episodes.

Oh no! We're entrusting Legendary Pictures to bring Godzilla a good name again?
These are the guys who made the Persians so historically accurate. And aren't these the guys who did 10,000 BC? Well, I guess 300 was a Hollywood success after all, but I think was with the moviegoers who didn't already have an idea about Spartans and Persians.

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