Friday, May 7, 2010

Moment of Zen: Homevideo of Bristol Zoo

This uTube video includes a portion showing a very interesting tourist home-video of the Bristol Zoo in England, it seems within the month.
That's the only part of the video I'm confident about recommending. Anything else seems either questionable or appeals to specific naturalist interests, although I personally found it all worth watching. In fact, it was calming, and thus my titular moment of zen.

This website I am linking to (and from) has a focus on "cryptozoology" the study of unknown animals mostly via the study of local legends and mysterious "sightings". A lot of it is hogwash, but even when it IS hogwash these people do a pretty good job of giving the matter thoughtful serious analysis to show in what way it is hogwash. Some of it is legitimate amateur naturalists studying invasive species, or unexpected migrations, or accidental releases from private collections, etc.

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