Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome to the Commentariat

From Strategist's Personal Library:

Haha. I loved this part "A younger, more vocal, more online audience simply doesn’t like Mr. Leno’s show, which has gradually come to represent an entire pre-digital, Middle American culture that the Internet commentariat wishes would just get out of the way."

I had never run across the phrase "Internet commentariat" before. What a cool term!

I am assuming Commentariat would refer to the "[generally] younger, more vocal, more online audience"
with a heterogeneous mix of self-styled Bohemian intelligentsia. Although, personally, I make an effort to value all points of view, including reactionary, as part of a "healthy" mix.

Consider: I am sure we have all met people we considered to be "close-minded": but have you EVER known anyone to identify themselves that way?


  1. A related term is "blogeratti", referring to elite bloggers. Also: "twitterati".

    I've never referred to myself as the intelligensia, but I know that others do. It's all relative. I'm an ignorant dumbass to my brother, but a genius to some friends.

    Now, on the late night issues:

    I always thought of Leno as not really funny, and Letterman as unfunny and tedious. Conan was the best of the bunch. He's younger, as is his audience. He's also coarser, what with masturbating bears and whatnot.

    I stand with Coco.

  2. Excellent! Comments are working for me again.