Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oy... the sure cure for boredom or suicidal tendencies

My throat still burns, and I'm still a bit woosy in my stomach. (Or would I spell it "woosey"? not that it's a specific word anyway)

I have some friends real into health food, organic food, etc and they like to drink a vinegar/honey mixture in the morning before breakfast. As "detox". Apple cider vinegar, specifically. A teacup of the stuff. Then they follow it with tea and breakfast to distance get the aftertaste.

I had joined them for breakfast a few times, and thought it might not be a bad idea to incorporate for myself.

This morning, I tried it.

I couldn't find honey, but I had plenty of apple cider vinegar. While I brewed my morning tea, I poured myself half a teacup. No sense in starting off with a full teacup of unknown properties, right? So, one quick gulp, down the hatch, like a barfly with a bitter shot of whiskey....

Well, suffice it to say, if you are laying at home moaning about being bored, or have a friend doing the same, give it a try. I promise, your mind will become otherwise occupied.

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