Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bajoran Hasperat: zesty burrito

I'm not sure where they got the "briney" part from, but I give them many kudos for effort.
I have seen some invented (yet practical) recipes to include a base of hummus, although I always thought a cream cheese substance seemed most similar. Of course, served as a wrap or burrito or "sandwiches"
Of course the closest thing to an "official" recipe comes from Neelix's The Star Trek Cookbook. However, this isn't at all faithful to the original description in my opinion. It's a fairly mild-sounding cream cheese/green pepper/red pepper/watercress mixture.
This dish uses horseradish flavored hummus or tabasco sauce to achieve spicy heat while the saltiness comes from soy sauce.
This dish achieves spice through "hot pickled veges" as well as a spicy sauce mixed into the cream cheese base. A briny sensation comes from the pickled veges.
This dish uses ONE AND HALF TEASPOONS CAYENNE PEPPER for the heat mixed with cream cheese, while the brine comes from (I never expected this) diced shrimpies.

I have an idea of my own: throw in some dried seaweed (found in your local Oriental Grocery). Exotic AND briny all in one.

Since this is an "imaginary food eaten by imaginary aliens on an imaginary planet" as one chef has said,
I don't see any need for the recipes to be labeled correct or incorrect. Besides, it has been noted that hasperat is a regional dish, with many varieties.

Note: "Sriracha chili sauce" even SOUNDS Bajoran

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  1. Insightful!
    Maybe an idea to make several Hasperat varying in spice...