Friday, April 12, 2013

Recipes: Quick-n-cheap $7 Mac-N-Cheese

Quick-n-cheap $7 Mac-n-Cheese:
Dress to impress. I thought this name made a good description of the value, although I am now worried people might think it costs $7 to make. It is actually very very cheap, maybe $1.50 for 4 servings or a meal for myself. But also very important is how elegent and fancy this meal is. Regular Mac-N-Cheese doesn't impress anyone except little children.

All you need is one box of Mac-n-Cheese (Kraft or store brand works).
One half stick butter.
One box Stove Top Stuffing (maybe a store brand works)
Milk, salt, pepper are all optional.

You make the quick Mac-n-Cheese on the stovetope mostly like it says on the box, although use extra water to replace milk, and thus double water (unless you want to use milk, then follow box).

Once made, drain pasta if you need to (depending on how the box diretions are), and then mix in butter, cheese sauce packet.

Up to now you just have made plain old Mac the way the box says. Its ready to eat, but nothing fancy. Here's the fun part. Open up the box of stove top, and shake in pre-flavored crunch and herbs to taste. I would recommend about one fourth of the box and save the rest for later.


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  1. I dunno....I have to say I am always impressed by Mac & Cheese, especially if it's tasty! And pizza. And that Mac & Cheese pizza just blew me away :)