Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lord of the Rings (LotR) RISK

I need to blog about 2 or 3 games that I have played recently, including Star Trek Catan and Mage Knight. I only have a few minutes, however. Well, mini-MACE 2013 is not open for business yet (scheduling my gamemaster games) so I thought I'd post. I'm planning to teach LotR RISK, a variant of RISK that came out along with the LotR movies. It is vaguely similar to other versions of RISK I have tried, and I enjoy it. However, it is not quickly understood (in my experience) as the rules stand. After thinking on it, I have decided to suggest my Rules Suppliment, which actually is nothing more that a suggested change in terminology and additional rules explanation. "Each Leader token (as described in the original rules) is easier understood as a Wizard, and each Site of Power further described as a Wizard site. Henceforth, please use these terms, understanding the rules, gameboard, and cards in that light. The rules are not changed for Wizards or their Sites of Power. Every player has two Wizard tokens, each represented as a shield in that player's color. Sites of Power (also known as Wizard sites) are identified on the gameboard, and correspond to a given region. If you are at one, you are at the other. As per the rules, Wizards do not participate directly in battle (as a fighting unit) but do enhance your "luck" in battle, when present. During gameplay, your wizards may either be used to enhance battles, or to seek out the "Sites of Power", or Wizard sites. These sites, when found, provide bonuses (as follows)..."

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