Friday, December 28, 2012

Exciting movie! Pacific Rim, great sounding mainstream monster movie

This is a movie about giant manmade robots battling with giant biological monsters in defense of Mankind (expected Summer 2013 (July?). And it's no "B movie" but as big a blockbuster adventure movie as the Spider-man or X-Men movies. The official website with the latest news: I have not been keeping up-to-date, and the newest Star Trek movie is also being something to note, apparantly titled Trek: Into Darkness (expected release also summer 2013). This link talks about both: And do you know who Ron Perlman is? I wasn't so sure until I saw him present on the discussion panel for Pacific Rim. WATCH PANEL It's a bit embarrassing I hadn't realized he was the Reman Viceroy in Star Trek Nemesis. I really enjoyed his performance in Enemy at the Gates, but he is best known as the Hellboy. Well, now that I know who was under the Reman make-up, I am even more disappointed in Nemesis than ever before. It's almost as bad as the unforgivable misuse of the talents of Malcolm McDowell in Generations. Both of the actors had the potential to be the most memorable, badass villians imaginable. But they came off...uninspired. But I digress... Pacific Rim and Guy Davis I know of people who have been very excited about The Hobbit. And I can't quite blame them, and that movie is a cool thing, but not quite worth the money to see it in a fancy theatre premiere. I am happy with the $2 theater, thank you. I've waited this long... However, I might be tempted to splurge on Pacific Rim and see it right when it comes out.

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