Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Games: Note to Self

This blog entry is a reminder to myself, but also a word of advice to anyone who might benefit.

The classic Carcassone is *great* as a two-player game, and is perhaps best taught leaving out the farmers entirely. Out of 4 ways to score points, only 3 need be used.

My Abduction game should not be first taught full-rules but rather with the "map" laid first, before gameplay, so speed up the game. Describing the game differently that the rules suggest has proved useful. I tell player to imagine a space ship that you are trying to escape from. You are in a prison cell in the middle of the ship, and need to reach the outside to find an exit. If you do not have a long anough "path" to reach the "outside" of the ship, you just don't.

I have a few more "notes to self" to relate, but I forget what they are, so until further notice, play on!

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