Thursday, April 28, 2011

again, at the library...

While waiting for an internet computer, I get some time to relax with interesting books I might be lucky enough to find.

Today, I have been very pleased.

I am reading a second chapter or so in
The Great Smokies: From Natural Habitat to National Park by Daniel S. Pierce

I am most impressed with this book, which I find suprisingly scholarly and a study in environmental science and natural history. Very much worth reading, although I am not checking it out at present (I am in literary limbo, juggling over 3 books presently already, including Bean Trees and Intimate Lies, both of which I love).

Well, to the point of this blog post, today I found referenced in The Great Smokiesprimary documents, especially the memoirs/travel notes of a naturalist, Bartram.

William Bartram, Travels Through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida (Philadelphia: James and Johnson, 1791; rpt. Savannah, Ga.: Beehive Press, 1973), 357-62

Hmm, 1973. I wonder if I can find it used on eBay? Or is it too obscure?

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